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For some years now many of our products have been certified by the "Nordic Eco Label" and we even have products in our range that are marked with the German environmental certificate "DER BLAUE ENGEL" as well as FSC®. We are striving to achieve an environmentally appropriate and economically viable exploitation of natural resources, avoiding deterioration or affectation of such resources, of the ecosystems, or of the surrounding communities.
Nordic Swan
Eco Label
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
The Forrest Stewardship Council

In our industry, active environmental awareness is both obvious and basic in a serious business. We are continually looking for new suppliers and qualities that have the least possible effect on the environment. As a producer ourselves we take full responsibility for our packing materials and are actively engaged in sorting and recycling schemes.
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Nordic Ecolabelling

Our  society  causes various toxic pollutants released into the environment in several ways. Chemicals are spread through the production of food, clothing electronics, toys  and many more of the things we use in our everyday life. Direct emissions  from  drains, chimneys or accidents are often relatively easy to fix. The fugitive emissions, however, may be more  difficult  to  access. They come from products throughout their life span, both when used and  even when they are disposed of – if  not collected so they can be reused. The  spread  of  environmental  toxins  risks  becoming  a  rapidly  growing  problem  for  us  and  for  future generations,  if  we  do  not  ask  for  a  poison-free  society. The  Nordic  eco  label  sets  tough  demands  on  harmful  chemicals.  The  goal  is  to  create  a  living  that  is  good for  both  the  environment  and  human  health. Text:  Pär  Holmgren