Our Story

It’s a family thing!

The Lidbeck family have been actively involved in the paper industry for decades. This stems right back to before the 1940s.
The leap to NPA Nordiskt Papper AB started with Fredrik Lidbeck (CEO) which evolved from splitting large volumes of 5 colored papers and selling them in multi-packs to distributors, wholesalers and resellers

There is a strong passion for the paper that is weaved into the DNA of the company. Papermills have increasingly become unable in most cases to supply paper product to distributors, wholesalers and resellers due to the sheer demand of variations and market demands.

The company is a family trade and production company, with its own conversion, storage and distribution. The company works with a global network of paper mills as the producers extended an arm, with a deep knowledge, reliability and flexibility.

Our primary market is based across Sweden and Scandinavia but extend out to Europe and some parts of North America, Asia and Australasia. Through our customers, distributors, wholesalers, re-sellers and processors large quantities/tonnage of specially selected grades of paper and paperboard are shipped. With its own cellulose laboratory service and ensure customers needs for quality.

We know that for a true, consistent and pure brew will never change! We exist today and for the future, “because we care about ensuring you with a quality brew every time”

Our People

Our Culture

We operate in harmony in a team environment of mutual respect, honesty, and integrity.
We are energetic, passionate and professional as well as taking great joy in our work and our corporate foundation.
We approach our activities with a proactive, positive and enthusiastic attitude and maintain an open environment where creativity and curiosity are encouraged and leveraged.
We highly value every opportunity to serve our industry, community and charities.
All of the contributions to the NPA’s culture are bolstered by the importance we place on family. We preserve the healthy balance between professional and personal life.
And yes – we CELEBRATE our wins in style!!
Everything we do is underpinned by our WHY. “For people that have a passion for tangible creativity in a world that’s going digital”.
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